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Passenger Ringtone Download

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Michael David Rosenberg, known professionally as Passenger, emerged onto the indie folk scene as the frontman of a band bearing the same name, a journey that spanned from 2003 to 2009. Following the band’s disbandment, Rosenberg chose to retain the moniker for his solo ventures, a decision that would carve his path as a solo artist. His defining moment came with the 2012 release of “Let Her Go”, a haunting melody that soared to the zenith of charts across 16 nations and amassed an astonishing 3.6 billion views on YouTube. Notably, its status as the most-viewed Australian YouTube video of all time solidified Rosenberg’s place in musical history.

His sonic repertoire extends far beyond this seminal track. Rosenberg, a veritable fountain of creativity, has birthed 14 studio albums into the world, each a testament to his musical evolution. Among these, “Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed” stands as his most recent offering, a jewel in his illustrious crown, unveiled to the world in April of 2022.

The genesis of Rosenberg’s musical journey can be traced back to his birth on 17 May 1984 in the vibrant city of Brighton, into the embrace of Quaker parents. His mother, Jane, hailed from England, while his father, Gerard Rosenberg, carried the legacy of American Jewish roots from Vineland, New Jersey. It was within this diverse tapestry of influences that Rosenberg’s musical odyssey began to unfold.

\Classical guitar became his trusted companion from a tender age, and by 14 or 15, he was already penning his own compositions. Fueled by an insatiable passion for music, Rosenberg made the bold decision to bid adieu to formal education at 16, embarking instead on a nomadic journey as a busker, serenading the streets of England and Australia with his soulful melodies.

Passenger Ringtone Download MP3

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