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Shivam Pathak Ringtone Download

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Shivam Pathak is an Indian singer and songwriter. He participated in Indian Idol season 5 and he was in the top 5.

Early life and career
Pathak is from Lakhimpur (Kheri) Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow). He moved to Mumbai in 2008, to pursue a hardware and networking course. After completion, he was looking for a job, and a friend suggested he try his luck at music reality shows as he had a good voice.

He participated in Indian Idol 5, as one of Top-5 selected finalists, but did not make the final three. [better source needed] He studied music under Suresh Wadkar for two years

Shivam Pathak Ringtone Download Mp3

Ringtone DownloadArtistsAlbumDuration
Ek Dil Ek Jaan Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Mujtaba Aziz Naza, Kunal Pandit, Farhan SabriPadmaavat03:40
Khalibali Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Shail HadaPadmaavat04:18
Majhi Mauli 2.0 Ringtone DownloadTejas Padave, Pushpak Pardeshi, Payal Patil, Shivam PathakMajhi Mauli 2.003:37
Barish Ki Boonde Ringtone DownloadSimranpreet Kaur, Shivam PathakSafe04:55
Chal Chalein Ringtone DownloadPapon, Vibha Saraf, Shivam PathakDhanak05:20
Darbar Darbar Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakKirik Shankar03:38
Saajani Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakSaajani03:21
Unadhallavaa? Ringtone DownloadRahul Vaidya, Shivam PathakPadmaavat03:39
Khalibali (From “Padmaavat”) Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Shail HadaBest Of Ranveer Singh04:18
Ek Dil Ek Jaan (From “Padmaavat”) Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakCharismatic Sasha – Shahid03:39
Oka Praanam…Oka Jeevitham Ringtone DownloadRahul Vaidya, Shivam Pathak, Divya KumarPadmaavat03:39
Sohniye Naare Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakSohniye Naare02:36
Jeene Se Bhi Zyada Jeeyein Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakDhanak05:03
Mila Milalaa (Vintage Mix) Ringtone DownloadSathaym, Srik, Shivam Pathak, Dinesh KThakita Thakita04:31
Sab Sahi Ringtone DownloadKrazer, Shivam PathakSab Sahi03:02
Khalibali (From “Padmaavat”) Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Shail HadaWorld Music Day 2020 – Top 2004:18
Dil Yeh Kehta Hai Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakTere Ishq Me04:26
Yaar Teri Chahat Me Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakTere Ishq Me04:08
Maay Bhavani Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Pravin Koli, Yogita KoliMaay Bhavani04:18
Roop Tera Mastana Ringtone DownloadJaydenRetro Cool Vol.302:48
Ae Raja Humke Banaras Ghumada Ringtone DownloadIndrajeet RaoAe Raja Humke Banaras Ghumada04:30
Ka Kha Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakGandhigiri03:39
Karma Is A Bitch Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, Udhay KannanEcharikkai03:13
Jum Gara Gara Ringtone DownloadShivam Pathak, R SuchitraBindaas04:04
Take My Hand Ringtone DownloadJaydenTake My Hand03:24
Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho Ringtone DownloadRohan, Shivam Pathak, Maithili, Chinmayi Sripada, Esha, ShivangiShikshanachya Aaicha Gho04:21
Maula Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakMaula04:08
Ibaadat Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakIbaadat04:19
Najar Ki Chot Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakSonotek Hit Vol 103:15
Kanuda Ringtone DownloadRuparam PrajapatKanuda06:27
Hara Hara Mahadev Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakArjuna Phalguna02:01
Nekosam Bathakalani Ringtone DownloadSureshJanta04:11
Jajjanaka Ringtone DownloadKarthikJanta03:08
Chhual Tohar Jobanva Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakSaiya Bihari Kela Khilave03:53
Rayban Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakRayban03:38
Konala Nedala Ringtone DownloadGayatriJanta04:57
Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi Cover Song Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakTumhe Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi Cover Song03:35
Chalo Kawad Utha Karke Shri Bhagwan Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakChalo Kawad Utha Karke Shri Bhagwan05:28
Innocent Gabru Ringtone DownloadShivam PathakInnocent Gabru03:18
Swapan Na Nidaloo Ringtone DownloadDeepuJanta03:54
Haridwar Bul Wale Ringtone DownloadLooki Choudhary, Shivam PathakHaridwar Bul Wale04:18

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